From strategy, to design, to implementation

As a director you implement the corporate strategy. You are responsible to embed the focus on efficiency, customer satisfaction and compliance in the everyday operations.

The soft side of leadership is about tone of voice, culture and social norms. But very quickly you realize that this is not enough. Because enthousiastic co-workers who focus on the wrong task will not make customers happy. Politeness does not solve poor process design. And a culture of learning will not pay off if people learn irrelevant skills.

Without the hard science of Enterprise Engineering organizations cannot be steered. When there is no grip, resources are wasted and jobs lost.

ForMetis translates strategy to a construction design of your organization. With focus on communication between coworkers and customers. Aligning responsibilities, tasks and competences.


In our Business Process Value Analysis (BPVA) we apply the scientific DEMO method. In several days ForMetis will model, analyse and offer suggestions for improvement of a enterprise process.

We use our self-developed tool DEMOworld to make the actual constructional design.


When necessary we implement processes with our CIAO! workflow app. The CIAO!app orchestrates the workflow of of enterprise processes. Tasks are allocated to the right members of staff. Commitments are clearly communicated. The underlying technology is DEMO BPM engine.


ForMetis has been building case management systems since 1998. We developed a complete case management suite to support the daily activities of the enterprise. Our high quality tools have proven to increase productivity drastically.


DEMOworld is our web-based tool for modelling and animating business processes. Give it a try at!