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What does the DEMO Engine do?
The enterprise – to be – is modeled using the DEMO methodology. This provides DEMO models of the enterprise. The DEMO engine supports modeling, simulation and validation.
In production the DEMO models executes the DEMO model and provides a number of functions. It provides a prescriptive information system (workflow++ or BPM++)  that controls the actors in the enterprise, in such a way that they must operate according to the DEMO model.
It provides the foundation for descriptive information systems, e.g. accounting systems, inventory systems, production systems etc.
Operational analysis is the capability to investigate completely and correctly (total factual knowledge) all events in the operation, in way very similar to process mining.
Operational control is the ongoing cycle of analysis, proposed improvements, improved models and deployment by the DEMO engine.

 DEMOworld is the modeling tool to develop, simulate and validate DEMO models.