Mission & Vision

The vision of Formetis consists of three parts.

1- The increasing need for a consistent daily execution of the enterprise strategy. The pressure from inside and outside the enterprise increases, notably from external (financial) legal bodies such as SOx and Basel X. In addition to implementation, there is also the demand to prove that business operation has been in line with the regulations for each individual case or customer.

2-Literature shows that around 90% of the attempts to align daily operation with corporate strategy fails.  The root cause is the lack of well-founded theories and methodologies.

3- Human values, freedom, responsibility, competences, authorities, sincerity, truth and justice, are the foundation of well operating enterprises. The consequence is that enterprises should be designed and modeled by the staff who execute their daily work. This way, accepting a specific model for their daily work means the staff takes responsibility for the overall results of their department.


The mission of ForMetis is the design and implementation of enterprises, with supporting information system, that execute the enterprise strategy well. The consequence is that there must be a high degree of business-IT alignment.
To realize this Formetis applies the discipline of enterprise engineering and executes ongoing research with various research partners.

Formetis develops:

  • The DEMO engine
  • The Enterprise Operating System
  • The CIAO! App, with support for blockchain technology
  • A complete suite of case management tools