DEMO BPM Engine capabilities and application

De Demo BPM Engine fulfills four roles:

1- A tool to design DEMO models, simulate and validate DEMO models, implement incremental improvements etc.
2- The conductor of the people working in the enterprise, following the music score – the DEMO models – of the organization. It provides operational management.
3- The bridge between the organization and all information systems (accounting, inventory, staff etc).
4- The DEMO engine is an information system, provides all information about the daily operation.

These joint capabilities are known as the “Enterprise Operating System”, very similar to the operating system of a computer.

Advantages of the DEMO engine
The first advantage is the fact that DEMO models provide high quality models, DEMO models that are complete, coherent, consistent and concise. These models are the best foundation for any implementation of enterprises.
The second advantage is to design DEMO models (, simulate and validate these, improve these, and accept the models as “being appropriate” for the desired purpose, before any investment has been made in expensive use of other resources such as programming.
The third advantage is that execution of DEMO models by the DEMO engine at production time eliminates programming.  This eliminates the high costs of changes in functionality at later stages of development since only the DEMO models must be modified.
The fourth advantage is the capability to analyse the quality of the operation of the enterprise, known as “operational analysis”.
The fifth advantage is the support for enterprise information systems.