SlimDossier (in Dutch “Smart dossier system”) is an intelligent electronic dossier system. SlimDossier applications are custom made, i.e. directly derived from DEMO enterprise models of your organization ( DEMO model driven ). The DEMO model driven way of working assures an optimal busines-IT laignment, meaning that it supportsthe operation of your organization in an optimal way.

A SlimDossier application contains and manages all relevant knowledge for the specific case and has knowledge about itself.  It supports the case worker in doing the right things in the right way. It supports the proper execution of business processes, may do things autonomously, take measures in case of exceptions, reports management information, is able to assess the production quality of itself.

A unique capability is that any individual SlimDossier is able to extend itself at run-time, depending on the specific conditions and events of the evolution of the specific case.

Project benefits:
A working SlimDossier system as a working proof of concept can be devised within a few days. “This is how your SlimDossier system will function, is it good enough for your organization? Do you see any improvements? Does it comply with Governance, Risk and Compliance criteria?”.
Failed IT projects with huge losses in time and resources do not exist anymore.
You know what you get.

Operational benefits are:
Minimized use of human resources, time, costs in production;
A strong reduction of errors and the costs to resolve errors;
An optimal degree of customer satisfaction in terms of time and quality;
A business model driven operation in such a way that governance, risk and compliance criteria are well addressed.
Complete production knowledge, necessary for process mining and analysis and proof of compliance.